Worlds first micro cloud!

Choose from any of our less than a couple datacenters as long as it's lon-northwest-1

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Works with your favourite tools

As long as it's not kubernetes or redis or mysql or postgres or docker or prometheus or grafana.

All the storage you need

I have over ~6.37TiB of free space available on my ceph cluster. You can park a garbage truck in that much space.

Truly Serverless

Sometimes our servers malfunction, and we have to order new parts. During these times we'll operate in a serverless way, as in we'll literally have no working server, eventhough we pay for prime, that's still only as good as next day delivery.

server down

Developer Friendly

Legit, we are very friendly to other developers, and will help you debug stuff. Just send drop something in our calendar, we'll even show up to your standups if you pay extra

%99.999 uptime*

*%65.32 of the time

I still have 2 months on my contract with Virgin, once I'm done I'll switch to somehting better

speed test

Award Eligibile Customer Support

We are absolutely eligibile to be considered for an award for our customer support. Can you think of another cloud company that has had 0 complaints?


I take a mask everytime I go wholefoods, so I have plenty of non-medical grade masks if anyone needs one. I also have lots of purell.

We are not GDPR compliant

But what cloud company is? honestly