is a domain I registered a while back, I finally repurposed it to actually be useful. domain is now used for the cluster of machines I maintain at my homelab. My current setup looks a little bit like this.

Currently I have 3 node proxmox cluster that runns a bunch of plan9 vms. Each plan9 VM that boots mounts camdvax.

fleet management

Currently lon-northwest-1 is made of two thinkpads and an intel NUC.
All these boxes have the same software running on them and can be very easily replaced. The operating system is Proxmox Virtual Environment
On top of Proxmox VE, I also install nomad and consul clients on every machine. The reason I call this entire setup is because * is an alias to consul. So every thing I run in my homelab I can reach with zero config.
I am currently in the process of trying to understand how to turn this entire setup in to an overlay network for the virtualized environments so I can tie them together with wireguard. If you have experience with networking please do reach out to help out.

software catalouge

software version
proxmox 6.2
pve-kernel 5.4.34
ceph 14.2
consul 1.8.5
nomad 1.12.7
foundationdb 6.2.27
grafana 7.2.1


When plan9 vms boot they mount camdvax and start vampria and cloudflared

srv tcp! camdvax
mount -q /srv/camdvax /n/camdvax
bind -a /n/camdvax/bin /bin


Both and are served from plan9 boxes. Both are served from vampira

mount /srv/camdvax /n/camdvax
bind -c /n/camdvax/usr/sevki/blog /tmp/vampira/blog
bind -c /n/camdvax/usr/sevki/www /tmp/vampira/www

cd /tmp/vampira



fn start\_vampira {
    vampira/vampira -n /n/camdvax/lib/namespace.httpd \\
    -map \\
    -map \\

start\_vampira &


I have a fork of cloudflared that runs on plan9. So all my websites are running out of my office.